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i am Gan Guang Hua aka. GGH, KOK, balloon etc. Born in 1993,the Year of Rooster. Currently studying at TEMASEK POLY ENGINEERING SCH!
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Monday, September 12, 2011

It's holidays now and it marks the end of a year 2.1 useless year tho. Coz didn't relally learn with that "limited" resources and teachers. Haha.

So now for the nex 3 days, goin be stuck in sch for esc ssc. Kinda look forward for it.... Yea... Haha. Awkward much.

So after ssc goin to start working to earn that KA-Ching KA-ching. Sad life much. But this is the reality world.

Well enuf said. So goin to stop here now. Bye~~

2:40 PM

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hello!! Its me agn!!

Been very very deprerssed recently. Because of all the events that is revolving around me. Friendships. It's hard to maintain it and i am trying my best.

Next. Schoolwork. Did not really do well for this time round and looking at my frens results, i felt rather discouraged, but its all over now, i can only tell myself to look forward. HWAITING!

Next. EO. Looking at other clubs and comparing their clubs with ours, its a Heaven & Earth difference, and the arrangements that were made recently. Envy Envy Envy + Angry Angry Angry

Lastly, lecturers. They give nonsensical definition that is always stuck in my head, asking them questions regarding various subjects, but wat we gt back was to check it out then inform us nex time, hence, 靠人不如靠己.

Thats all from my sad sad life. Seeya next time.

Thats all from my

1:55 AM

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello!! Its me agn!!

Well,m this whole week had been a boring week becoz i juz rot at home and play play play. Super no life. The only day i went out was on wednesday and friday. Wednesday, i went bac to sch for CEREO meeting about the senior graduation. nth much happen. ahaha,

then friday juz went bac to phss with luqman. meet some cadets and had a gd chat and maybe a gd time? AND SAMUEL TANG HAD A LVL 50 ARME!! NOO.

anyway, here's a song to end this post. It sounds awesome!

3:39 PM

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Its been 9 months since i last posted anything, and the blog is still staying strong(at least to me). I had been trying to remember to make an effort to come and blog at least once a week but always fail terribly.

Anyway, the previous week was a fun fun fun week! Why?? Coz its my very first own class chalet!! COOL. will post pics but not now. the bungalow was freakin big that there was echo whenever i shout. AHHHHHHH~~

Really enjoy the 4D4N stay with my frens and not forgetting the fun, laughter and enjoyable moments with my classmates. AND AND AND definitely not forgetting the BBQ + EPIC night. I shall call it. THE EPIC NIGHT STARRING DAMIAN AND DERRICK. CO-STARRING ZHEN YU =P

Then today went to cousin+ah ma hse to celebrate my little cousin birthday!! He is P5 but still act so childish yet cute. Lazy to take even 1 photo so dun expect much.

Well, thats all folks. hope the above wun waste u yr 3-5 mins time!! =D

11:48 PM

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hey yo!! bac agn!! haha...not dead yet!!

so wad i did for the past wk?? hmm...bac to schling onli...me gettin no more life...and these few days keep raining...so irritating!! hab to carry bags and books and UMBRELLA!! wed and thurs not much thing though...

fri went to sch then kenneth had a competition...cant go support him becoz of a tuition session with ben...then after tuition, went bac to my sec sch for a alumni gathering + bbq...meet up with lotsa ppl like SAMUEL, GWEN, DANIEL, MK, YJ, KB, 6IAN, JOYCE, CARMEN, RICKY, DAPHNE, YEUNG LING, CHIN HUI and many many more!! woots....but i mostly play with sam laptop...=X , so lazy hunt for bbq food....even though it always gone when i went there...then took lrt home tgt....

ytd went to catch movie with neighbour ; karate kid...jaden smith owns chinese!! haha...the movie is not bad...but hopefully i can watch cats & dogs!! 2D is satisfying though....

thats all...bye~

11:34 AM